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Consulting, planning, management and defense of Intellectual Property rights

EUROSIGNO, Patents and Trademarks, SL, was founded in the year 1994 with a primary goal: to provide a comprehensive service quality in the field of Intellectual Property. Under this premise, throughout these years, we have developed our business through four main lines of action: advice, planning, management and, lastly, the legal defense of the Intellectual Property rights of our clients.

Agency of Intellectual Property in Spain, with offices in Bilbao and Madrid.

Our headquarters are located in Bilbao, a significant growth in the portfolio of records and the territorial diversity of the new customers that have trusted in our work, advised us to open in the year 2000 a delegation in Madrid. municipio vizcaíno de Getxo (near the city of Bilbao). However, a significant growth in the portfolio of records and the territorial diversity of the new customers that have trusted in our work, advised the opening in the year 2000 a delegation in Madrid.

Wide network of international contacts

We are Lawyers and Intellectual Property Agents members, registered and qualified to act directly before the Spanish office of Patents and Trade marks, the Intellectual Property office of the European Union (trade marks and designs) of the European Union, the World organization of Intellectual Property (trade marks, designs and patents international) and the European Patent office (european patent).

In addition, we have a wide network of correspondents that allows us to act in the face Office of Industrial and Intellectual Property around the world.

EUROSIGNO, Patentes y Marcas, S.L

“In EUROSIGNO we managed the registration of our brand in an effective manner, analyzing the market situation and the possibilities of expansion”

Philosophy and values

Expertise and Professionalism

We are dedicated solely to the Industrial Property. This has allowed us to achieve a high degree of qualification and professionalism in this field.

Advice and integral management of Intellectual Property

Any question relating to trade marks, patents and designs, will be answered by our professionals. Processing, management and defense to the corresponding official organizations, both at the national and international registration of trademarks, patents and designs; tracking, monitoring and maintenance of such records; legal defense, drafting of contracts, and all types of advice or acting in general with the object of a right of Industrial Property or Iintelectual.

Intellectual Property agents

To meet the rigorous requirements to be worthy of such a title, find us listed in the register that there is the effect on the Spanish office of Patents and Trade marks and be duly registered in the Official college of Industrial Property Agents guarantee our customers a quality service, responsible to and governed by strict professional standards.

Deal direct, personal, and close

We care about the customer. Our dimensions and proximity allow us to know its characteristics, peculiarities, and deal directly with him. This makes the advice, management, and/or in their case, the defense may be specific and appropriate to their true needs and the correct safeguarding of their interests.


We defend and apply confidentiality as a core value in the development of our professional activity.

Continuous training

Quality service required to be constantly up to date on all the changes and new features that occur in the field of industrial and intellectual property. We follow a policy of constant training.

Responsibility and ethics

Only conceive the exercise of our activity if your primary objective is to provide a quality service, responsible and subject to the ethical rules that govern the profession of Industrial Property agent. Respect to the limits of a healthy competition among professionals are a basic premise in our ways of acting and understand our profession.

Technical means. Agility and efficiency

The conjunction of modern technologies and software specific permit the proper control and the proper management of our portfolio of records, at the time that allow us to respond quickly and effectively to any request from our customers.


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