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Agencia de la Propiedad Industrial - Vigilancia de marcas, patentes, etc.

Monitoring of trademarks and patents

EUROSIGNO offers a full range of surveillance services related to Industrial Property rights (trademarks, patents, industrial designs, ...).

Surveillance is an inescapable necessity for a successful defense of the exclusive exploitation rights that generate their records of trade marks, patents, utility models and industrial designs.

We also offer services as of technology watch and competitive surveillanceallowing our customers to stay informed of the latest technological advancements of their sector or on the activity of their competitors.

Types of monitoring 

  • Monitoring of new trademark applications:
    According to the majority of the national laws of brandsthe only way to prevent the registration of a request that is identical with or similar to an earlier mark is that the patentee brought an opposition to the granting of the new application.

EUROSIGNO provides a check-in service of new trademark applications, customizedin those countries in the world that are of interest to the client.

We guarantee a monitoring service qualityby removing the background noise that involves the communication of applications whose likeness is not significant enough. We try to avoid the loss of time in making decisions that are not relevant, resulting in a loss of interest and relaxation of the customers, and that they do not give the orders right before requests are actually detrimental.

It is useless to have the trademark registered if you have not monitoring service.

Monitoring of Spanish Trademarks

Applications for trade marks with effect in Spain (Spanish trademarks, brands European Union and international trademarks designated by Spain or the European Union).

Monitoring of European Union trademarks

Applications for trade marks with effect in the European Union (trade marks of the European Union, national brands of the 28 countries of the Eu and international trademarks designating the European Union or any of the 28 countries of the Union).

Regional monitoring

Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, Africa

Global monitoring

Trademark applications around the world.

  • Technological monitoring and competitive monitoring to measure
    Information is power. Be able to anticipate technology trends, market movements and the activity of our competitors.

Technology watch

We reports at the interval required by the clienton the technological developments of the sector.

Competitive surveillance

Reports on the activity of the competing firms of our customers, with the frequency required.

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