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EUROSIGNO PATENTS & TRADEMARKS, is an Industrial Property Agency founded in 1994, with offices in Bilbao and Madrid (Spain).

EUROSIGNO is specialised and dedicated to the advice, planning, prosecution, management and defence of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyright, trademarks…in Spain

With the opening of a branch office in Madrid in 2000, we are able to offer a closer service to clients from different parts of Spain and Europe as well as achieving a direct presence in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and a daily and personal relationship with the officials there.

Our company has Official Industrial Property Agents, duly qualified, registered and collegiate, to act at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM), at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and at the European Patent Office (EUIPO).

This enables us to provide a quality service with all the guarantees for our clients, where our fundamental values are professionalism, responsibility, direct treatment and confidentiality. The trust our clients have placed in us over the last 30 years is our best presentation. 

In addition, we have a team of professionals working in the legal, technical, administrative, accounting and commercial departments, with a high level of French, English and German, and a wide network of correspondents that allows us to act at the Industrial and Intellectual Property Offices all over the world.


Why use EUROSIGNO? Our Philosophy and Values

Specialisation and Professionalism: We are exclusively dedicated to Intellectual Property. By focusing all our services in this field, we have acquired a high degree of specialisation and qualification in this area.

INTEGRAL advice and management of industrial property: Any question relating to trademarks, patents and designs will be attended by our professionals. Processing, management and defence before the relevant official bodies, both nationally and internationally, of trademark, patent and design registrations; monitoring, surveillance and maintenance of these registrations; legal defence, drafting of contracts, and any type of advice or action in general that has an industrial or intellectual property right as its object.

Industrial Property Agents. Fulfilling the rigorous requirements to be worthy of this title, being registered in the Register that exists for this purpose in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and being duly registered in the Official Association of Industrial Property Agents guarantees our clients a quality service, responsible and governed by strict professional standards.

Direct, personal and close treatment. We care about our clients. Our size and proximity allow us to get to know their characteristics, their peculiarities and deal directly with them. This means that the advice, management and/or, where appropriate, defence, can be specific and adapted to their real needs and to the correct safeguarding of their interests. 

Confidentiality: We defend and apply confidentiality as an essential value in the development of our professional activity.

Continuous training: A quality service requires us to be permanently up to date with all the changes and novelties that occur in the field of industrial and intellectual property. We follow a policy of constant training.

Responsibility and ethics: We only conceive the exercise of our activity if its primary objective is to offer a quality service, responsible, subject to the rules of ethics and fees that govern the profession of Industrial Property Agent and, always and above all, under a total and absolute respect for both our clients and other professionals of the competition.

Technical resources. Agility and efficiency: The combination of modern technologies and specific computer programmes enables us to adequately control and correctly manage our portfolio of files, while at the same time allowing us to respond swiftly and efficiently to any request from our clients.


Distinctive signs:

Spanish trademark and tradename

European Union trademark

International trademark

National trademarks in other countries



Patents and utility models

European Patent and PCT

National registrations in other countries


Creations of form:

Spanish industrial design 

Community design and model

International design

National designs in other countries



Computer programs

Books, scripts, teaching materials, …

Teaching methods, doctorates

Radio and television programmes

Reports and projects



Previous reports and searches, 

national and international by:

– Type of registration: 

trademarks, patents and designs

– Owner

– Fields of technology and technical subject matter 


Legal and technical reports on:

– Free exploitation

– Infringement and violation

– Patentability


Advice and enquires:

– Technical and legal


1º.-Before proceeding to apply for a trademark, it is advisable to make a Previuos Report to verify that the distinctive mark is not subject to any Absolute Prohibition of registration (generic terms, official emblems, etc…) and that there are no priority similar o equal trademarks that could be an obstacle for its granting.
The deadline to prepare these report is 24 to 48 hours maximum. (48-72 hours in case of graphic searches).
2º.- If the Report is favorable and once we have received all the documentation required (see below: DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED), the trademark will be filed at the OEPM (Spanish Patent and Trademark Office) in the following 24-48 hours.
3º.- Approximately one month since the Application has been filed, it will be published in the BOPI (Industrial Property Official Bulletin). This sets the beginning of the term of two months to initiate an Opposing Procedure by Third Parties who may consider themselves affected by the new application incompatibility.
Once the 60 days period is completed, the OEPM will submit the trademark to an Official Check to warrant that the trademark incurs in any Absolute Prohibition for registration. There is not Official exam for Relative Prohibitions (prior registrations).
4º.- If no oppositions have been received from third parties and the Official Check/exam of the OEPM is favorable, the trademark will be granted and published in the BOPI, therefore a Certificate-Title of Property rights will be issued.
In this case, the registration procedure lasts for an estimated period within four to five months.
The trademark is granted for TEN years, renewable for further periods of ten years from the date of application.

5º.- In case of a suspension due to an opposition or any Absolute Prohibition, the OEPM will publish it in the BOPI which opens a 30 days period from the publication date to file a reply in defense of the trademark. (The normal term for processing could be delayed for another four or five extra months in this case).

Once the reply period has expired, the OEPM will re- examine the file and decide whether the trademark is granted or denied.
6º.- This resolution may be appealed to the OEPM by filling an Appeal to the Resources Unit to reconsider the file.

The resolution of the mentioned Appeal shall end the administrative step. However, in case of disagreement, there is still the possibility to use an administrate-contentious procedure at the Ordinary Courts (through the Court). But this rarely happens due to the high costs and length of the procedures.



1.- Applicant and trademark details.  If necessary, information related to the Priority if claimed.


It is important to know that residents outside the European Union must be represented by an agent duly accredited by the OEPM, such as EUROSIGNO. The deadline to apply is one month.
3.-  Priority certificate issued by the corresponding Office: only in cases in which priority is claimed. The deadline for its presentation is four months from the date of application.